Samkhya Medical Spa Tenerife, Las Americas

Enjoy relaxing, beauty and comfort in our spa.

The name of Samkhya, according to the philosophy of ancient India, refers to the union of the five elements of nature: wind, fire, water, earth, and more subtle element; eter.
Each one of these elements are present in our bodies, and their union shapes our distinct natures and physiognomies.

Our goal is simple and complex; with the use of techniques from all over the world, born and lived through the oldest civilizations in order to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of our body, and bring that missing sense of peace and relaxation into our lives by managing and manipulating these basic elements present in all living beings.

We have a very complete team of prepared professionals, and we welcome you with open arms. We have created a place full of harmony, peace and love, where mind and body surrender to a sea of sensations.

We are here, thinking only of you.